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What does ICrowdHouse do to reduce the risk?

ICrowdHouse is designed with one priority: security both on and off your platform.

As a Participatory Financing Platform regulated by the CNMV we need the technology, but also the Know-How of the experience in the sector.
Some actions we take to reduce risks are:

RISK DETECTION: All projects published in ICrowdHouse undergo a risk detection analysis in order to rule out those that have compromised viabilities. We have parameters resulting from the knowledge and experience of our team.

REPORT AND VALIDATION: Although no audit system is perfect, we check the history of the promoters and establish a follow-up in order to determine that they comply with the provisions of the law.

ASSESSMENTS: An appraisal report, made by an appraisal company approved by the Bank of Spain, detailing the market value of the asset subject to the participatory financing project, as well as any other condition that may exist, such such as charges or encumbrances, conditions or characteristics of the market that uniquely affect it, registry or cadastral errors, among others.

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