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What steps do I have to do to be able to invest?

We detail below how to invest step by step in the opportunities of ICrowdHouse.



To register with ICrowdHouse, access the registration form where you must provide us with your first and last name, email, telephone number and set your password. You will have to validate your email account and phone number. We recommend that you verify if you have received our verification email to your spam tray.


Complete your information

Once registered it is necessary to complete your profile for what you must perform three actions:
-identify yourself as an investor
-adjust your ID, Passport or NIE
-adjust a document proving ownership of bank account (receipts for example) You can control at all times the status of your documentation through your private area in personal documents.


Identify yourself as an investor

Identify yourself as an Accredited or Non-Accredited Investor to complete your investor profile. To do this, select the type of investor you want to be and follow the steps indicated.


Document proving ownership of bank account

This documentation is necessary to create your Wallet in the payment entity, where you will make your contributions to invest. It is a free account that you can manage from your private area. We have the services of a payment entity registered with the Bank of Spain, as a provider of secure payment services. This registration is free and does not compromise anything.

We are entitled to any document issued by the bank containing the name and IBAN or account number that you have previously provided. For example, any receipt you can get online or any paper receipt that has arrived at your address.

Once you send it to us and validate it, your Wallet will be activated and you will be active in Your private area, My Wallet.


Profile completed

Having completed your profile at ICrowdHouse you will have access to the investment process. Access our opportunities, analyze them and invest in those that best suit your investor profile.


Load wallet

The investment process can only be completed through the balance in your Wallet. Therefore, the first thing you should do is Load your Wallet with the amount you wish to invest. You can do it by bank transfer or by credit or debit card. In both processes we do not apply any commission.

The difference between one method or another is the accreditation time in your Wallet, while the card load is immediate, the transfer charge can take between 24 and 48 hours since you make the transfer.


Verify the accreditation of funds

In your private area you can verify at all times the status of your Wallet, as well as the movements. Once your cargo has been credited you can already invest in our opportunities.

Remember that you can download for free to your bank account what you do not invest when you want.



Access our opportunities, analyze and invest in those that best suit your investor profile.

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