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My personal documents?

Within your Personal Documents we ask you to provide us with certain documents necessary to validate and invest:


ID, Passport or NIE

The DNI is the basic element for your identification as a natural person. In order to verify it we need to have a digital copy on both sides. Once the ICrowdHouse device is loaded, you will verify it manually.


Document proving ownership of bank account

This documentation is necessary to create your Wallet in the payment entity, where you will make your contributions to invest. It is a free account that you can manage from your private area. We have the services of a payment entity registered with the Bank of Spain, as a provider of secure payment services. This registration is free and does not compromise anything.

We are entitled to any document issued by the bank containing the name and IBAN or account number that you have previously provided. For example, any receipt you can get online or any paper receipt that has arrived at your address.

Once you send it to us and validate it, your Wallet will be activated and you will be active in Your private area, My Wallet.


Validate your Wallet

Provide us with your bank details to associate them with your Wallet. Once validated we will activate your Wallet and you will be able to transfer funds with which to start investing in the projects published on our platform. You can add funds to your account by credit card or by bank transfer.

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