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What maximum amount of capital can I find and collect through ICrowdHouse?

The Law on the Promotion of Business Financing establishes that Companies seeking financing through the Crowdfunding Investment Platforms may not request funds above the 2 million euros, except when the projects are directed solely and exclusively to accredited Investors; In this case, the maximum amount of fundraising may reach 5 million euros.

This does not imply that a project greater than 2 or 5 Millions (as determined above) cannot be financed on our platform, it must simply complement the amount you need for its development through other financing methods or seek to phase its investment.

You must set a financing objective. Once published, you will not be able to modify your proposal. If the project does not reach 90% of the financing objective set, within the fixed timeframe, the amounts contributed by the Investors will be returned, at no cost to any of the parties.

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