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How to publish my project in ICrowdHouse?

In order for our team to properly process the publication of your project, you must send us all the documentation that, under the Law of Promotion of Business Financing, we are required to require you.

After completing and sending the requested information, our team of analysts will conduct a detailed study of your project documentation to verify that it meets the required quality criteria, and will generate our Project Report.

We will treat all the information you send us confidentially, and we will use it only to provide you with the best possible service. In case of missing information, or if there is a problem with it, our team will contact you.

If your project is suitable for publication, we will contact you as soon as possible to carry out the process of reviewing the investment proposal and the Project Profile. Our analysts will offer you all the necessary support so that the proposal you offer is coherent (and suggestive) for the Investors of our platform. We will review the final approach with you and, once everything is ready, we will start the financing campaign for your project together.

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