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Additional obligations regarding the information?

1. ICrowdHouse will enable a communication channel between the promoter and potential investors, ensuring that all information sent through that channel is accessible to other potential investors through its publication in an easily visible place on the website of the platform.

2. ICrowdHouse will update on its website daily the status of participation in the project as well as the percentage of the financing that has been assumed by investors considered as accredited and by the platform itself. Once the term established for the investment has ended, the participatory financing platform must announce it in the space of the web page reserved for the corresponding project.

3. The information received and published on a project will be available to investors who have participated in it, continuously on the website for a period of not less than twelve months from the close of fundraising.

4. Icrowdhouse makes available to investors who request it the information provided in section 1 in durable support and for a period not less than five years from the end of fundraising

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