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«The unique value of crowdfunding It's not the money, it's the community. "

That's why we not only don't charge you anything but we thank you

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Access to investment in projects and our online software as a management and control tool for your investments.





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«My basic principle is that Prosperity can be shared. We can create wealth together. The global economy is not a zero sum game. »

—Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia 2010-2013

«It is possible to group many investors small and medium, so that they access the investments that only the richest could make before. ”

Rodrigo Niño, Prodigy Network CEO.

«Crowdfunding, in the future, will be the main way of financing of most small businesses. »

Duncan Niedetaurer, Former NYSE CEO

«The greatest learning occurs in groups, collaboration is the basis of growth. "

Ken Robinson, Creativity expert

«In crowdfunding, the The individual's interest aligns with the interests of the crowd.»

Rodrigo Niño, Prodigy Network CEO.

"The best of the real estate is that even in a bad economy, usually will behave better than actions. The earth, after all, is a finite resource. People need a place to live, work, shop and play. So real estate is just a matter of supply and demand. »

Steven Kaufman - Finance Expert

«We have learned that crowdfunding not only democratizes investments, but also makes viable projects that otherwise would not be possible. "

Rodrigo Niño, Prodigy Network CEO.

«Crowdfunding is not about raising money. It's about making something happen with a multitude of people who believe in something. Normal people, not rich people with a lot of power, just People like you and me. "

Jozefien Daelemans, Charlie Magazine Founder

«Investment in real estate, even on a very small scale, is still a tried and true way to build a cash flow and wealth for the individual. »

Robert Kiyosaki, American Businessman

«Massive collaboration in the future will be the main competitive advantage in business. »

—Nick Wright, Crowdicity

«A dynamic ecosystem that connects people with the purpose of achieving objectives mutually beneficial. "

Rodrigo Niño, Prodigy Network CEO.

«The unique value of crowdfunding It's not the money, it's the community. "

Ethan Mollick, Professor at Wharton University

«Crowdfunding offers the perfect synergy between positive impact for the community and return of capital for the individual. "

Seen in the New York Times

"The real estate market It cannot be lost, stolen, or transported. Purchased with common sense, paid in full and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world. "

Franklin D. Roosevelt - US President # 32

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