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Join the proptech by the hand of icrowdhouse.
Access to investment and opportunities, through technological innovation, in an easy, safe and transparent way. A simple but powerful idea.

icrowdhouse PFP

Our solution as a participatory financing platform authorized by the CNMV. Contact between investors and promoters.

icrowdhouse Crowd

Our software (SaaS) as our own investment vehicle operating under an authorized legal framework. Access to recurring capital for the development of your projects.

icrowdhouse Pro

Our software (SaaS) to make your capital raising processes more efficient, optimizing your costs, improving the relationship with your investors, fulfilling your obligations and achieving your objectives.

All your investment in only one platform

icrowdhouse, an incomparable solution, fully integrated and adapted to the regulatory framework and the structuring and management of assets.

«Icrowdhouse investor license »

A proprietary solution with high added value as it facilitates the incorporation of investors in the Private Capital Market (among our originators) and in turn establishes a merit system that allows investors to segment and evaluate their investment habits to identify opportunities with Greater compatibility in your investment strategy.

icrowdhouse investor license

KYC, AML, Accreditation, Suitability, Investor Signature, Wallet and others

Secure storage of inverter data

It works as an identity document

Direct verification link (registration and transaction)

Star merit system based on milestones achieved.

Segmentation of investors by preferences

«Icrowdhouse knows the success factors and continuously identifies the main risks »

Our Saas Software prioritizes scalability, client implementation time, response times as well as confidentiality, security and data stability.

«Benefits and advantages for the investor and the originator»

More income

icrowdhouse eliminates the logistical and distribution limitations of decentralized offline processes and creates a market of new possibilities focused on new investors both nationally and internationally. Increasing its number of investors, its number of transactions, and simultaneously managing a greater volume of investment opportunities. Our software provides a centralized channel to strengthen your brand and improve your bottom line.

Less costs

icrowdhouse significantly reduces not only the investment costs in viable technological solutions and additional infrastructure (up to 90%) but also in operating costs (up to 70%) by eliminating the commercial inefficiency of marketing and advertising, administration and relationship with the investor. With our software you can view and manage your tasks and automate all processes (slow, expensive, and repetitive).

Save on time

iCrowdhouse eliminates the technological development deadlines and obtaining the relevant licenses.

Best service

icrowdhouse provides a secure, centralized and attractive design environment, which can be accessed at any time, from anywhere and from any device. Our highly interactive modules will attract your target audience and our analysis will allow you to better understand your preferences and interests in order to offer you a more personalized experience.

Regulatory Compliance Automation

The icrowd participatory financing frameworkshouse automate compliance so you can focus your efforts on developing your business with complete confidence. The configuration of the application, the investment limits, the incorporation of users and the verification guarantee that the regulatory requirements are managed perfectly. The data, likewise, is automatically archived to respond to possible audits (regulatory body, AML, KYC)

Technological ecosystem

One of the strongest value propositions of icrowdhouse is the contact with our clients, listening and incorporating their suggestions and making them participate in our development. Product updates, new platform features and system optimizations are available regularly, including new software modules and functions, as well as performance and maintenance optimization.


On icrowdhouse Investors will have access to verified and accredited originators with excellent investment projects. Invest with icrowdhouse It is to do it with experienced promoters, reducing costs, improving quality, expanding access and obtaining high profitability.


icrowdhouse allows diversifying by distributing capital between different projects Creates a diversified investment portfolio in a wide geographical scope, in different types of assets and different types of opportunities. On icrowdhouse We make it easy for you.


Our software will help investors throughout the entire investment and management / control process. The dashboard allows the investor to control and monitor their investments. You just worry about choosing the rest, we give it all done


Investor protection is our top priority. Our rigorous selection, payment security and data protection processes are expensive and time consuming, but in the long run it is worth it. Our payment gateway provides a means authorized and regulated by the Bank of Spain that allows transactions to be carried out safely. We use authentication of 2 factors (2FA).

Single registration

The processes of KYC, AML, Accreditation, Suitability, Signature, Wallet and others are stored in a single secure site. These give rise to your investment license, which functions as an identity document throughout our community created by the originators.

Technological ecosystem

One of the strongest value propositions of icrowdhouse It is the contact with our investors, listening and incorporating their suggestions and making them participate in our development. Product updates and new platform features are available regularly, including new modules and software features.

Participatory Financing Platform (PFP)

Now is the time to start getting more out of your money. With the help of simple tools, and without having to be an expert promoter, you can now start planning your investments with very little money.

Saas Software for Real Estate Investment

Are you looking for recurring, flexible and scalable financing to develop your projects? You are in the right place! icrowdhouse It helps you grow. With our unique tool in the market, manage your projects and the relationship with your investors.

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