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icrowdhouse Crowd

Access to recurring capital

Financial technology and regulatory framework through our online software, which allows you to quickly enter alternative financing

the law

With icrowdhouse CROWD will comply with the law 5 / 2015 for the Promotion of Business Financing and with the laws against Money Laundering (in English: Anti-Money Laundering - AML) and Know Your Client (in English: Know Your Customer - KYC).

Turn your website into a recurring financing fundraiser

Why icrowdhouse CROWD?

Transformation digital

The number of persistent connections, that is to say active and with interaction, to the Internet has steadily increased in the last 25 years.
This means that the Digital Density, that is the data connected by each active unit, has increased exponentially causing significant changes in business models of companies, of all companies.
In recent years, this action has been accelerated with Artificial Intelligence, which multiplied interactions causing businesses to be forced to transform, what we have called Digital transformation.

Ecosystem digital

A business that looks for a digital transformation to increase its benefits and / or survive In this new business world, he is forced to create your own Digital Ecosystem, which according to wikipedia is a metaphor used to exemplify the way in which they work and integrate the different elements and tools that are part of the digital strategy of an organization.

icrowdhouse CROWD

About Us We want to help you create your Digital Ecosystem by offering you a solution that brings you value in a fundamental part of your business, the generation of assets. We do not want to influence your Management as a Promoter, back office, front office, sales campaigns, customer relations, etc. We want to help you digitally transform the relationship and interaction with your business investors.
It means that our solution covers from the search for investors for a promotion until the construction is finished and we have to settle accounts with the investors.

Creating your own digital ecosystem

¿Cómo hacerlo?

icrowdhouse Crowd

icrowdhouse offers you its financial technology through a license of its SaaS. Offer consisting of a Setup and a monthly fee, a solution so you can create your own ecosystem, amortizable in the short term.
Our open version called CROWD allows you to interact with your own investors and ours with the authorization of the CNMV. It's called open because it allows you through web pages or other electronic media communicate, interact, offer, advertise, negotiate and contract with the universe of investors, strictly complying with the regulation in protocols and procedures that the CNMV requires us to have authorization within the Spanish regulatory framework.


Contact us to hire your license. We are very fast in the implementation of your brand with which in a few hours you can start operating.


Manage and manage your brand and your investment software. You can start planning your relationship with investors and financing your projects.

Finance yourself

Create your digital ecosystem and start creating value, planning and developing real estate projects through your network of investors.

With our icrowd softwarehouse CROWD

What do you offer me?


Icrowd online investment softwarehouse CROWD
Own Brand Administration
Administration of own investment platform
Own publication strategy (type of asset)
Own investor objective strategy (amount, terms, profitability)
Less costs, more revenue, less time better service
Maintenance and technical support
Anytime, anywhere, with any 24 / 7 device

High inverter

Know Your Client (in English: Know Your Customer - KYC)
Money laundering (in English: Anti-Money Laundering - AML)
Accreditation (Law 5 / 2015 for the Promotion of Business Financing)
Suitability Test
icrowdhouse investor license (a single centralized registry)
Various investor profiles for a single user (company, private)

Online financing process

Sending, receiving and reviewing the project
Selection, publication, communication and financing of the project
Payment gateway authorized by the Bank of Spain
Integrated Wallet System
Electronic signature with full legal validity
icrowdhouse investor license (a single centralized wallet)
Transaction History
Access to our network of investors

Administration and Management

Segmentation of investors by preferences
Document management (centralized storage)
User and investor management
Project Administration and Management
Task management, sending reminders.
Centralized and chronological control and audit
Full traceability of information
Automatically Generated Reports (KPI's, SLA's)


Automated Communications
Internal and external communication channel (chat and email)
Programmable Notifications
Social Networks
Integrated to the corporate website

Legality and security

Secure storage and data protection.
Regulatory Compliance (AML, KYC, Suitability)
Regulatory framework (Law 5 / 2015)
2FA user authentication
Data encrypted with asymmetric cryptography

Development projects

Project Status Updates
Projection Updates
Boards of partners
Online voting
Documentation Updates
Electronic signature with full legal validity


Updates, improvements and new features
Blockchain methodology (coming soon)
Secondary markets (in development)
Artificial Intelligence (coming soon)

And offering a service with added value to the investor

What can I offer to the investor?


Access to the real estate sector through technological innovation
Access to promoters with experience and high commitment
Access to quality projects
Access to attractive returns
Access to diversification
Access to secure payment systems
Access to regulated activity
Secure access
Access to our community

Inverter CRM

icrowdhouse investor license
Account status
Control of your investments
Investment portfolio
Legal and tax information
Communication channels
Notification management
File and documentation management of your investments
Reports and analysis of your investments
Import of third party data

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