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Investing it´s an option

Now is the time to start getting more out of your money. With the help of simple tools, and without having to be an expert promoter, you can now start planning your investments with very little money.

Diversifying is the secret of a good investment

By spreading the capital between different projects, the possible losses of one project could be offset by the possible gains of others.

Create your account

creat your account

Create your user and your investor profile to start investing in icrowdhouse. It is a very simple process: it will take less than 5 minutes.

Transfer funds to your wallet


After completing your registration at icrowdhouse, transfer the amount you want from your bank or electronic money account to your icrowdhouse investor account.

Create your investment portfolio


When you have transferred the money to your investor account from icrowd house, start creating your investment portfolio by reviewing the projects available on the platform.

Receive the returns


You will receive the returns generated by the project. You can reinvest those funds in other projects or transfer them to your bank or electronic account.


What benefit could you get if you invest part of your money in our opportunities?


What are the advantages in investing with icrowdhouse?

List of projects to invest
You can access the list of all available projects on the same site, filter by type and risk based on your investment strategy and choose which ones to invest in. There is complete information for all projects.
Investing in real estate projects and structuring a well diversified portfolio has never been so easy.

Complete information on the originators of the projects with which you invest together. Participate in our valuation system giving your score and valuing your experience with them.

Full Control
Through our information panels you can control and monitor the status of your wallet and your investments. icrowdhouse It is designed for you to move quickly and find what you need in seconds.

Your protection is our top priority. Our rigorous selection processes, payment security, the protection of your account and the storage of your information on the best servers in the market is expensive and time-consuming, but in the long run it is worth it. Protecting yourself is not just a good business, it is the right thing to do.

The idea is simple but powerful.
Welcome to the future of real estate investment.

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