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Alternative financing.

Your network is bigger than you think

Are you looking for financing? Have access to a network of investors? You are in the right place!
icrowdhouse helps you grow. Our platform standardizes and simplifies the processes to connect investors and promoters allowing effective interactions and perfect execution.

Do you want to access alternative financing?

We help you to know the keys to alternative financing in order to make the best decision in your real estate projects.

I want to start financing myself

We are ready to start working on your need tomorrow.

IRM (Investor Relationship Management)

Know the options you have with icrowdhouse. Analyze our technology and the plans we offer you.

Strengthen the bond with your investors

Communicate with your investors, strengthening the bond and strengthening trust.

Discover what icrowdhouse can do for you

Join and start enjoying all its advantages.

Access to financing

By bringing together many investors we can get the financing you need for your projects.

Professional and non-professional investors

Visibility in our ecosystem where any investor, professional or non-professional, can invest in your project.

Cutting edge technology

Unique tool in the market that extends the digitization and automation of the processes to the entire investment cycle, from the presentation of the project and raising the financing to the distribution of dividends and liquidation of the company. Manage and digitally manage the workflows related to your investors and your projects.

Regulatory framework

icrowdhouse is designed to comply with the laws against Money Laundering (Anti-Money Laundering - AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC). It also complies with the regulatory framework for participatory financing platforms (Law 5/2015 on the Promotion of Business Financing).

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