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«It is the end of the consumer as we know it. In ten years, it will no longer exist. He will no longer define himself as a consumer, but as a Community member»

Rachel Botsman, author of What's Mine is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption 2011

For this reason, our platform is designed to be a place of interaction, exchange, trust and above all… benefit!

APP: My emails

Keep in touch with the originators of the projects and all your contact list.

App: My Chat

Stay connected to your investment groups and originators fluidly, quickly and easily.

App: My contacts

Expand your network of contacts (investors and originators) within the platform. Create your own investment community.

App: My Tasks

It controls the investment process through tasks programmed by the originator or by the platform automatically.

Connect with your community with our applications

App: My Calendar

Follow up on the most important events for your investments and your relationship with investors and originators.

The idea is simple but powerful.
Welcome to the future of real estate investment.

icrowdhouse Brings investors and originators to continuously improve everyone's experience.

We share progress and experiences to help choose the investor well and help originators improve.

Automatic scoring system for achievements of the user on icrowdhouse

The different levels of icrowdhouse They are an indicator of the operational and investment stability of our users and allow us to establish reward systems.

The investor is leveling up as he gains experience within icrowdhouse.

Initially, the user has no experience and has only performed the steps prior to the investment such as completing their user profile, their personal data and their investor profile.

As the investor increases his activity on the platform, broadens his community, participates on a recurring basis in our opportunities, increases the money invested and broadens the diversification in his investment, his level increases.

ratings shared by users about originators

Share your experiences and be part of our community. It can't be easier, rate and leave your comment about the originator.

With independent opinions from our users about our originators, we want to help investors find companies they can trust and invest in.

We identify the comments issued by users who have invested in a project with that originator to give greater weight to their assessment.

The assessment is simple only indicates from excellent to very bad your experience with the evaluated originator.

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