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Do you want to receive a complementary income?

Invest in our opportunities life better and receive a periodic income additional assuming a Low risk.


«It creates an attractive and periodic flow of income in long-term operations, where after making the purchase of the property, a small adjustment is made with the objective of renting it to obtain a monthly return.»

-life better



life better

icrowdhouse life better identifies with those investors who seek the peace of mind of a periodic income additional assuming a Low risk.

Purchase of the asset and small action on it. These types of assets (homes, premises, offices ...) are usually in good condition.

Investment term:
Between 36 and 60 months

Yields: Yields come mainly from the exploitation of the asset (rents). Depending on the project, these returns can be distributed as dividends monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, etc.
Revaluation: The revaluation is the increase in value of the asset, mainly due to the market. The profit obtained (difference between the investment and the sale price) is distributed as dividends at the close of the operation.

Projected annual return
Yields6,0 - 7,5%
Revaluation1,5 - 3,0%
Total7,5 - 10,5%

«Invest in the purchase of real estate and get a monthly return.»

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Life better
Early stage


Purchase of assets In good condition, they generate predictable returns from the moment you make the investment. For example, buy to rent immediately or buy a building or property with existing tenants.

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Between 1 and 6 months


Property Improvement In order to maintain and increase the flow of income, it is possible to invest in specific actions to value the property. These improvements imply higher returns by increasing their value.
The actions are characterized by Rehabilitation Work (reform) since it acts on the square meters already built and the constructed area does not vary. For example, paint, change the floor, etc.

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Between 36 and 60 months

For Rent

Phase of asset yield: Investors in a “life better” strategy can obtain stable and recurring income in the long term (from 36 to 60 months) as payments are collected for the rental. The management of the operation is important in order to maximize its return as well as the capitalization of the asset for its final sale.

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Final phase

For sale

Phase where the asset revaluation should materialize
After the deadline stipulated in the business plan, the marketing and sale of the asset.

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Liquidation of the investment

Once the sale is completed, the operation is closed. Depending on the result, investors can receive the capital invested and the profit obtained (difference between the investment and the sale price).

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